Amazing Brain Superfood Formula for Brain Health! Elevates Mood & Calms the Mind, Improves Mental Clarity, Nourishes and Support of your overall health!

Feel Energized, Motivated & Alert

I was skeptical when I first came across this product. I noticed it’s effects with the first dose, and the results have gotten better as I’ve been taking it regularly. It has increased my focus, my energy, and my overall feeling of well being which has a big impact on my work and my day-to-day life. I highly recommend it.

– Chris Verified Purchase

Discover how you can boost brain power, enhance your mood, restore energy levels, and nourish and protect your brain. This brain superfood formula helps restore brain energy and supports brain health.



Your brain. It makes up only 2% of your body weight, yet it consumes roughly 20% of your body’s energy when at rest. That means the human brain needs a whole lot of nutrition to stay alert and focused throughout the day. The bulk of that energy is used to fuel electrical impulses that neurons employ to communicate with one another. As we age (due to excess inflammation, toxins, and stress) neuro-nutrients play an even more important role in a properly functioning brain. To simplify what is going on here, we could say that old neurons (like some long-married couples) do not talk to each other as much anymore – some communication is lost. These deficits in neuronal communication result, in turn, to declines in motor and cognitive competence.

NeuroActiv6 has been specifically designed to include polyphenol compounds, nootropics, and bio-active ingredients that work to promote a healthy inflammatory response, lower oxidative stress and support healthy cortisol levels, raise BDNF levels, and promote “neural communication”; enabling neurons to talk to each other more effectively. Best of all, instead of having to take multiple pills and supplements daily to accomplish this same outcome, we’ve taken the scientifically proven doses and put them into one all-encompassing, healthy and great-tasting drink mix. Try NeuroActiv6 today!

 Neuro greens superfood powder

Increases Energy & Recall Speed 

Naturalcell NeuroActive6 Brain Superfood Formula

NaturalCell takes the quality of our products extremely serious and that is why we’ve partnered with the leading supplements manufacturing facility in the country. The Quality Assurance Department insures that all products conform to appropriate standards of Quality and are safe and suitable for the intended use of NaturalCell’s products. In addition, the QA Department insures that all operations and processes are conducted in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s) as required by the United State Food and Drug Administration and as outlined in the 21 CFR, Part 111, Requirements for Dietary Supplements. Try Neuro Greens Superfood Powder for yourself. 

 Try this Amazing Brain Superfood Formula and see how it impacts your body and mind! NeuroActiv6 is a unique formulation of clinically studied and tested ingredients that have been shown to provide the following benefits: 

neuro greens superfood powder

Feel Energized, Motivated & Alert

Elevates Mood & Calms the Mind

Eliminates Brain Fog, Improves Mental Clarity

Nourishes and Support a Healthy brain

Contains Powerful Polyphenols

Increases Brain Energy & Recall Speed

Your body will be thanking you after this Brain Superfood Formula helps you each day. With the 60 day money-back guarantee.

It’s worth trying this Neuro greens superfood powder.

 What are others saying about NEUROACTIV6?


Wow! I’ve been taking it for a week and my brain feels alive. Must say, this is like a workout supplement for the brain, so you’ll want to have some material to do mental push-ups to strengthen and help the brain grow! That’ll help take full advantage of this.


Wow! I’ve been taking it for a week and my brain feels alive. Must say, this is like a workout supplement for the brain, so you’ll want to have some material to do mental push-ups to strengthen and help the brain grow! That’ll help take full advantage of this.


I have Multiple Sclerosis and as a huuuuuge skeptic I was thinking ah what the heck? Prolly won’t work. I am a big enough man to admit when I was wrong. It works. (Please don’t tell my wife I was wrong lol) Seriously even if you don’t have MS it is a good thing to have.


I have been using this product for about a year and highly recommend it. I take it before important meetings or whenever I feel a bit sluggish or just can’t quite process up to normal standards. As an additional benefit I have also found it helps my golf game! Both focus and Concentration.


This product works amazing. I was a regular user of cannabis and I decided to stop when it affected my level of intelligence, concentration, memory, etc. I felt like I really killed too many brain cells to rehab my normal brain function. When I started taking NeuroActiv6


As an MS sufferer this Powder did actually help improve my cognition and brain fog. Definitely worth the buy.


I feel like a part of my brain that has been broken for far too long is slowly being repaired.


After reading about the BDNF producing properties of coffee fruit extract, my search found NeuroActiv6. It not only tastes delicious but after having it first thing in the morning I notice increased mental and physical energy. To determine whether this was a placebo effect, I did not reorder after running out two weeks ago. Even though I continued my regular routine of a quart of warm lemon water along with other supplements, something was definitely missing. Needless to say, I have reordered.