There is a sentence before this keyword and it is a good sentence that fills up words before this keyword. The Amazing Carrot Celery Juice Benefits for weight loss and energy boost. There is a sentence before this keyword and it is a good sentence that fills up words before this keyword.

Read to get a morning glow? Other than giving a glow to your skin, it also has an array of impressive nutrients that will not only keep you full but also give your health a boost.

There is a sentence before this keyword and it is a good sentence that fills up words before this keyword. Carrot celery juice benefits are numerous because of its high nutrient count. It will improve eye health, both of the veggies are hydrating, and both boost the immunity system among other benefits.

Drinking fresh, organic juice first thing in the morning is the best thing you can do for your body. Drink the juice 20 minutes before you eat anything else to allow the nutrition to flood into your body, then go for breakfast.

So read on ahead to learn exactly why the combination of carrots and celery is perfect for your health as well as for your taste buds! Below are all the reasons you need to add these vibrant veggies to your daily diet.

Benefits Of Carrots carrot celery juice benefits

Nutritional Profile

Carrot juice is low in calories and carbs while rich in other nutrients. One cup (240 ml) contains:

  • 96 Calories
  • 2 grams Protein
  • Less than 1 gram of Fat
  • 22 grams Carb
  • 9 grams Sugar
  • 2 grams Fiber
  • 255% of the Daily Value (DV) of Vitamin A (as provitamin A)
  • 23% of the DV of Vitamin C
  • 31% of the DV of Vitamin K
  • 15% of the DV of Potassium

Carrots have antioxidant properties through the carotenoid pigments lutein and zeaxanthin. Antioxidants fight unstable molecules known as free radicals.

Carrots also possess beta carotene which gives carrots their distinctive orange color. This is what your body will convert into the antioxidant Vitamin A.

Promoting Liver Health

The carotenoids in carrot juice promote liver health.

Several studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of carotenoids protect against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

NAFLD happens when fat collects in your lungs mainly because of poor diet, excess weight, or obesity. It will further progress to liver scarring and lasting damage.

An 8 week study in rats found that carrot juice decreased some markers of NAFLD. Another study focusing on rats produced similar results, that carrot juice rather than reducing fat on the liver decreased inflammatory blood markers.

Improves Skin Health

The nutrients in carrots are especially beneficial for your skin. One cup of carrot juice gives you more than 20% of the DV of Vitamin C, a water-soluble nutrient crucial for collagen production.

Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant to protect your body from free radicals. 

The beta carotene in carrot juice may also aid your skin. A study found that a diet rich in carotenoids protects your skin from ultraviolet damage and improves the skin’s appearance.

Boosts Immunity

Carrot juice gives your immunity system a boost.

Both the Vitamin A and C found in carrots act as antioxidants and protect the immune cells from free radical damage.

Furthermore, carrot juice is also a rich source of Vitamin B6, providing your body with more than 30% of the DV in 240 ml. Other than being crucial for the best immune response, a deficiency in Vitamin B6 results in a weakened immune system.

In fact, a rodent study found that inadequate dietary intake of Vitamin B6 stopped the growth of immune cells known as lymphocytes.

All the same, more human studies are needed.

Carrot Juice Precautions

Although carrot juice is safe for most people, there are some precautions to keep in mind.

Some carrot juices, specifically freshly prepared ones, may not have been pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria. Pregnant women, older adults, young children, and people with compromised immune systems should avoid unpasteurized carrot juice.

Furthermore, drinking large amounts of carrot juice may also lead to carotenemia, a condition that turns skin yellow-orange due to high blood levels of beta carotene.

Even though it’s not harmful, it can be alarming. Temporarily eliminating sources of beta carotene from your diet will usually resolve this issue.

Finally, carrot juice has less fiber compared to whole carrots and has natural sugars. Since the lower fiber content means sugar will be absorbed faster, drinking a lot at once will spike your blood sugar levels.

Even though carrot’s low GI means it will not increase your blood sugar like some other juices, you should still be careful to consume less juice if you are diabetic- especially if you are drinking it on its own.

Carrots are incredibly nutritious, providing potassium, many carotenoids, and Vitamin A, C, and K. Drinking it may help with improving eye health, boost your immune system, and strengthen skin.

Benefits Of Celery

Nutritional Profile

Since most of the celery’s plant fiber has been removed, celery juice is richer in nutrients per serving compared to celery stalks.

Just 1 cup (240 ml) of celery juice provides:

  • 42.5 Calories
  • 2 grams of Protein
  • 9.5 grams of Carbs
  • 5 grams of Sugar
  • 8% of the DV of Calcium
  • 7% of the DV of Magnesium
  • 5% of the DV of Phosphorus
  • 14% of the DV of Potassium
  • 9% of the DV of Sodium
  • 7% of the DV of Vitamin A
  • 16% of the DV of Vitamin C
  • 74% of the DV of Vitamin K

Celery is also rich in other nutrients like zinc, copper, folate, biotin, other B vitamins, and various types of antioxidants.

Extremely Hydrating

Celery juice gives many benefits, especially when consumed as part of a healthy diet.

Celery juice mainly consists of water and will aid you to stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated is crucial for your body, and many people don’t get enough liquid per day. Proper hydration helps in managing blood pressure, body temperature, brain function, nutrient delivery, waste excretion, and kidney health.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Celery juice is high in various kinds of a plant compound called phytonutrients, which reduces inflammation.

These compounds act as antioxidants that aid in lowering oxidative stress. Oxidative stress happens when unstable molecules known as free radicals collect in your body.

Diets rich in antioxidants are linked to lower rates of chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and some cancers. It also boosts skin health.

Low In Sugar

Celery juice is a healthier option compared to sugary beverages.

240 ml of celery juice provides just 5 grams which are naturally occurring.

Sugar-sweetened drinks such as soda, energy drinks, and specialty coffees make up 50% of the added sugar in the American diet and add additional 500 calories per day to the total calorie intake.

Therefore, going for low sugar beverages such as celery juice will dramatically cut your overall sugar and calorie intake.

Downside Of Celery Juice

Though celery juice can be nutritious, it has some downsides.

240 ml of celery juice contains around 215 mg of sodium. Since most healthy people should limit their daily sodium intake to no more than 2,300 mg, a glass or two of celery juice can significantly fulfill this total.

Moreover, a diet focusing on celery juice alone will raise your sodium intake because it recommends a large amount of juice every day so beware of celery juice cleanses.

Most celery juice is also strained to remove its fiber.

While straining results in more nutrients in a cup, fiber is a crucial nutrient that helps you stay full. Without it, your body will digest the juice faster which will result in you feeling hungry shortly thereafter.

For instance, if you replace a nutritious fiber rich breakfast with celery juice, you may end up eating more calories later in the day.


Now that you are aware of the carrot celery juice benefits, it’s time for the recipe.

A healthy way to get a morning glow with carrots, celery, apple, ginger, and lemon. Use red carrots if they are available, if not, orange carrots will do. Organic is best for juicing but organic celery is crucial as it’s on the Dirty Dozen list. Wash the produce as soon as you get home.

Serving: 2 | Calories: 191 kcal


  • 8-1- red or orange carrots (1 ½ to 2 pounds)
  • 8-10 celery ribs
  • 1 green apple cored
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 inch fresh ginger root


Chop the ingredients in the appropriate size for your juicer, then juice according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Strain if you prefer it that way.


This is the best carrot celery juice recipe you will find on the internet and will give you the full carrot celery juice benefits.

With the recipe above and all the benefits now in your knowledge, we hope you will add these amazing veggies to your daily diet.

With the antioxidant properties of carrot combined with its skin, liver, and immunity boosting nutrient, and the anti-inflammatory properties of celery with its hydrating, low sugar nutrients, it makes this combination of veggies perfect!

We hope you will try the recipe and tell us how it was. We love feedback of any kind!

If carrot and celery aren’t your thing, you can try our carrot apple celery recipe for a boost from the carrots and the tangy taste of it too!